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Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy is important to us. This policy explains how Pact Group Holdings Ltd and
its wholly owned subsidiaries (Pact Group) manage personal information.

1. How we collect personal information

We may collect personal information about you in several ways, including:

  •   when you email or telephone us or register an enquiry through our website.
    Our internet service provider (ISP) also automatically makes a record of your visit to
    our website
  •   if you become a customer or supplier, including for example, when you complete a
    credit application and guarantee form
  •   if you apply for a job or enter into a contract with us

We may also collect information from public sources.
Where we collect personal information from you, we will generally do so ourselves. However, in
some cases we may collect personal information through a third party, such as through contractors
who provide services to us.

Generally, you have no obligation to provide us with personal information. However, if you chose
not to provide us with information, we are unlikely to be able to respond to you, including being able
to consider your job application or to provide you with goods and services.

2. Types of personal information we may collect

Personal Information is information about you where you are identified or can reasonably be identified.
Examples include your name, address, telephone number or email address. Other personal information
that we collect about you may include bank account details, date of birth or employment or credit
history and your internet address and domain name.

Our ISP may collect information such as the webpages accesses, documents downloaded, links
followed to reach our website, and the type of browser used for statistical and website development
purposes. However, this information is anonymous. Pact Group also uses cookies on its website to
understand and improve website functionality, but will not store personal information in cookies.

3. Purposes for which we use personal information

We may use personal information that we collect about you for the following purposes:

  •   to provide you or your company with goods and services, including to assess applications
    for credit, verify your identity, respond to your questions about our products and to collect
    payment. We may also use the information to carry out market analysis and send material about our goods and services that may be of interest
  •   if you are applying for a job, for the purpose of assessing your application and determining your aptitude for the role. If you are successful, we will use the information for purposes connected with your employment (for example, to make payments to you)
  •   if you or your company are entering into a contract with us, for example, as a supplier or consultant, for purposes connected to those arrangements

4. People to whom we disclose personal information

We may share personal information about you with:

  •   companies within the Pact Group;
  •   third parties who provide services to Pact Group, where it is necessary for personal
    information to be disclosed to them in order for them to perform the service. These
    services may include logistics, finance and accounting, including credit card authorisation,
    professional services, including legal and audit, human resources and payroll, including
    aptitude testing and medical testing, information technology, marketing and research; and
  •   credit reporting agencies.

In some cases the people to whom we disclose your personal information may be located overseas.
The countries in which these people are likely to be located include the countries in which Pact Group
has business operations.

5. Storage and security of personal information

We generally store the personal information that we collect in electronic databases. We may also
keep hard copy records of this personal information in physical storage facilities. We use a range
of physical and technical security processes and procedures to protect the confidentiality and
security of the information that we hold.

6. Access and correction

If you would like to access any of the personal information that we hold about you or if you would like
to correct some aspect of it, please contact us using the contact details set out below. To protect the
integrity and security of the information we hold, we will only allow such access requests if our standard
access procedures are satisfied. If we do not allow you access to information held by us, we will tell you
why. Depending on the nature of your request, we may ask you to complete a personal information
request form. In certain cases we may charge you an administrative fee for this service but we will
inform you of this prior to proceeding.

7. Complaints

If you are concerned that we may have breached the Australian Privacy Principles, or any registered
privacy code that has been registered under the Australian Privacy Principles, please contact us using
the contact details set out below. We will make a record of your complaint and will refer it to our
internal investigations officer for further investigation. We will keep you informed of the progress of our

8. Changes to this policy

We may make changes to this policy from time to time, to take into account changes to our standard
practices and procedures or where necessary to comply with new laws and regulations. The latest
version of this policy will always be available on our website.

9. Contact details

If you require any further information from us on privacy matters, please contact us by calling us on
+61 3 8825 4100 or writing to us at:
Pact Group Privacy Officer
Level 16/644 Chapel St,
South Yarra VIC 3141