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Creative Centre

fuse creative
ingenuity with

Jalco’s Creative Centre combines a cross-functional team of
sales, marketing, research and development specialists to
fuse creative ingenuity with scientific expertise and deliver
groundbreaking solutions in formulation and fragrance.

Our state of the art facility comprises fully equipped and
purpose built laboratories (Personal Care and Homecare),
stability and evaluation rooms, product development testing
rooms and raw material storage facilities.

We identify. We develop. We implement. We Optimise.

  • Identify

    Pinpointing the challenge that needs to be solved

    We start with real consumer insights to understand affiliations and frustrations and then connect with experts from within and outside the industry to identify emerging lifestyle trends, habits and spending patterns. Via the use of category reviews and maps, we track international trends to understand the context and refine the focus.

  • Develop

    Techniques that have been scientifically proven

    The development stage involves creating prototypes out of new technologies and/or ingredients for benchmarking and testing. We have a dedicated in-house laboratory for stability and compatibility testing and we perform detailed analysis on incoming raw materials and production batches. During this stage we also seek performance and claim substantiation from internal and external validation.

  • Implement

    Effective project

    Next we perform factory trials to assess ease of filling, optimum temperatures, visual fill heights and line speeds. In fact, speed to market is our key differentiator and we are able to design and deliver new products within three months (from concept to full production).

  • Optimise

    Streamlined Supply
    Chain Solutions

    Finally, we ensure costs optimisation. That is, optimisation of formulation and all aspects of factory implementation including packaging production, filling, capping, line speeds and packing systems.